Frequently Asked Questions

What social media accounts can I currently sync with Pipeline?

Pipeline allows you to sync and schedule posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Youtube!

How can I get started with Pipeline?

After purchasing¬†Pipeline you will be sent an e-mail to set up your password. Once you set up you’re password and log in you’ll be shown a 30 second walk through. We recommend downloading our app for iOS and Android for easier lead tracking on the go!

How much does Pipeline cost?

Pipeline costs just $29/ month. 

Who can I contact if I have issues?

All suggestions, inquiries, and app issues should be sent to our general mailbox at hello@pipelinemobileapp.com.

Can we use on desktop and mobile?

Pipeline can be used on desktop or mobile! 

How can I get set up as an affiliate with you?

Contact us at hello@pipelinemobile.com for more information. We offer amazing rewards to our affiliates.

Can I cancel at any time?

To cancel simply visit your settings screen on your app and select “Cancel My Subscription”.

Why Pipeline For Your Real Estate Business?

One of the most stressful things about being a real estate agent is maintaining posts to your social media accounts. With Pipeline you can sync all of your accounts together, sit down for an hour or so, and schedule out posts for an entire month or year.

Our easy to use To Do list will e-mail you daily reminders with your tasks for that day. Add things like “Schedule open house” or “Send contract amendment to Diane” and we’ll remind you to finish these tasks.

Most CRMs (Customer Relationship Management Systems) aren’t designed specifically for real estate agents. They’re expensive, take forever to learn, and hard to use on the go. Pipeline will automate follow up reminders to you for those leads who aren’t ready to buy or sell until 6 months down the road so you can remember to stay in touch. If you’re using your broker’s CRM it’s a good idea to have your own CRM. Your database is your most valuable asset and you need to be able to take your contacts if you switch brokers.