20 of Our Favorite Real Estate Agents to Follow on Instagram!

Written by Jon Holstead

Instagram is a thriving platform for marketing to clients and networking with successful realtors. Almost half (47%) of realtors say social media brings them their best leads, according to a report from the National Association of Realtors.

Discover how to grow your audience faster using the strategies of these 20 successful real estate Instagram marketers.

 1.  @brendacamachorealtor


 Brenda Camacho – Orlando, Florida

 Brenda has a modest following but her Instagram account is a fine example of well-executed branding. Every photo pops with her signature orange colour, and she applies prominent but tasteful branding to every image.

Complex layouts within her images let her feature herself without taking away from the rest of the image.

Brenda engages with her following significantly more than other realtors on Instagram. She even writes posts and comments in both English and Spanish language.

 2.   @alessandratherealtor


Alessandra Panno – Toronto, Ontario

Alessandra utilises Instagram’s “Story” functionality to give video tours of listings. Stories disappear after 24 hours which makes viewers subconsciously think that the properties will be off the market quickly.

Alessandra also posts fashion and lifestyle photos among her listings to give her audience a glimpse of her personal life. Her personal photos get 5-10 times more engagement than her real estate posts, demonstrating that mixing business and personal brings in more viewers.



3.   @dustyjbaker


Dusty Baker – Montecito, California

Dusty combines his personal life with his real estate career in one Instagram account, showcasing his life as a realtor, father and husband. Real estate Instagram accounts don’t have to exclusively post real estate content. Some people browse social media just to see into other’s personal lives. 

He shows the best aspects of his life, including current listings, “just sold” listings, his family, and occasionally some nice food. Listings he just sold are marked with “JUST SOLD” image overlays to create an obvious record of his regular successes.



4.   @drew.fenton


Drew Fenton – Beverly Hills, California

Drew shares photos of incredible interior design and magnificent mansion exteriors from the properties he sells in Beverly Hills. His account gets you dreaming about what you might have one day.



5.   @realestatekirby


Kirby Parker – Lafayette, Indiana

Kirby posts photos of grand interiors which contrast with natural, rural environments outside. Kirby sprinkles in plenty of photos of himself with his wife and young daughter. People love to see a good dad.


 6.   @juliesrealtymiami


 Julie Sidorevskaya – Miami, Florida

Julie’s Instagram account is another great example of using branding to be memorable. Her blue colour scheme complements her photos taken in Miami, which typically feature bright blue water and skies.

She takes a different spin to most realtors and focusses on her team. Each team member is introduced individually with their own post, and posts advertising open houses specify which team member people will be meeting at properties.

Julie keeps her followers updated with the regular educational events she runs to keep her team at their best.

She also shares holiday messages and team member congratulation posts. It looks like Julie might have read our blog post 43 Social Media Post Ideas for Realtors!



7.   @bryancasella


Bryan Casella – Southern California

Bryan has a six-figure YouTube following. He regularly promotes his Instagram account on YouTube which drives viewers to follow him on Instagram as well.

He’s built large followings on multiple social media platforms by consistently cross-promoting and by providing valuable content.

Bryan posts more than just real estate content. He provides advice from all aspects of business and personal development, which attracts people from many walks of life.


8.   @notenoughangers


Robert Khederian – New York City, New York

Robert posts content with a journalistic approach. He shares modern real estate listings like every other realtor, as well as property historic properties, classic architecture, and occasionally some blueprints.

Robert gets a lot of new clients through Instagram direct messages. People like what he posts and want him to find them similar properties. Robert thinks that businesses using Instagram should focus less on selling and more on sharing what they are excited about. If you are excited about something, there will be other people out there excited about it too.


9.   @gogosrealestate


Gogo Bethke – Michigan

Gogo’s Instagram following includes many other realtors because she regularly posts advice on how to improve social media presence as a realtor. Giving valuable content to other realtors creates a large network of friends in the industry and casts a wide net for new opportunities.


10.  @jademillsestates


Jade Mills – Beverly Hills, California

Jade focusses on showcasing only the most luxurious properties. She also throws in occasional family photos and videos.

Jade often presents real estate TV shows from which she shares video snippets of the best bits.

Jade has her followers send in 30-second video questions about real estate. She films a 30-second video reply and posts the combined 60-second videos.


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11. @luisiglesiasrealestate


 Luis Iglesias – South Florida

Luis’ only post photos of his real estate listings. Some photos show off a particular feature of a property.

Every post shows luxury and simplicity. Luis’ has created a digital luxury lifestyle scrapbook, rather than a record of his achievements or insight into his personal life.


12. @kevin.vaughan


Kevin Vaughan – Miami, Florida

Kevin posts concept real estate designs, high-value real estate (a lot of castles), yachts, cars, food, domestic animals, wildlife, landscapes, quotes, his children, and the occasional meme.

His account has a good mix of aesthetically pleasing and thought-provoking content.

Every post is coupled with a fun caption to contrast the serious imagery.


13. @joycereyrealestate


Joyce Rey – Southern California

Joyce has 41 years of real estate experience. She primarily posts her luxury real estate listings, with the occasional photo of her meeting a celebrity or person of influence.

Joyce has an Instagram advantage over younger agents: she can post new photos of the best listings she’s sold over her 41-year career.

Joyce also posts professional property videos and drone footage wherever she has it.


14. @madisonmalibu


Madison Hildebrand – Malibu & Los Angeles, California

Madison focusses on his fashion sense and Malibu beach lifestyle. He skips the sales statistics and uses his vibrant personality and personal life to attract clients.

Madison features his dog in many photos. Studies have shown that having a dog instantly makes you twice as appealing. Posting photos with your dog will likely help accelerate your Instagram growth.



15.  @salernorealestate


Mark Salerno – Toronto, Ontario

Mark posts with very high frequency. He sells real estate in such high volume that he has beautiful sold listings to post every day; sometimes, multiple times per day. Frequent posting of high-quality properties, combined with varied hashtags, gets Mark’s posts in front of a lot of eyeballs.

16. @chadcarroll


Chad Carroll – South Florida

Chad sticks to luxury real estate photos with bright blue and green colours, creating an aesthetically pleasing collection.

He puts his contact information in every post caption for easy access.

Chad also posts the occasional artistic photo of himself wearing designer clothes in scenic locations. These shots strengthen his brand as a luxury agent and wouldn’t look out of place in a men’s perfume or watch advertisement.


17. @thejoshaltman


Josh Altman – Los Angeles, California

Josh mostly posts photos of his family like many other realtors, but he stands out by also sharing his fitness journey.

He shares his daily business tasks in the form of behind the scenes videos, giving a unique perspective into the reality of a realtor’s work life.

Josh has a lot of followers who discovered him when watching major real estate TV shows.


18. @barbaracorcoran


Barbara Corcoran – New York City, New York

Barbara is a well-known investor who features on TV show Shark Tank. Her Instagram focusses on comedy.

She posts homemade comedy sketches, brutal and unfiltered personal advice, and fun, motivating quotes. Her funny videos are branded “Barbara Unfiltered” which ironically contrast her serious personal image.


19. @fredrikeklundny


Fredrik Eklund – New York | Los Angeles, California | Miami, Florida

Fredrik has followers who discovered him from his published book about selling, as well as from TV presenting.

He shares his extremely luxurious personal lifestyle, a lot of photos of his adorable children, and some impressive Manhattan architecture.


20. @ryanserhant


Ryan Serhant – New York City, New York

Ryan is one of the biggest names in real estate today. He gets exposure from national television, and from his popular YouTube channel which has almost one million subscribers.

Ryan regularly posts videos of him touring incredible properties. He also has professional photoshoots for him and his family to grow his personal brand. 

He posts new content daily and dedicates a lot of time to content creation.


BONUS: @thebrokeagent


The Broke Agent – Real estate memes account

One of our personal favorites! Have a browse of this account if you ever need a laugh or are looking for ideas on how to bring some comedy over to your account.


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A final word…

It looks like time on national real estate TV helps to crack the one million followers mark as a realtor.

If you’re happy with a six-figure following, the formula is frequent and consistent posting of your personal life, vibrant or comedic personality, and beautiful real estate photos. The exact blend depends on the type of clientele you want to attract.

Being based in Florida or California also helps, like 14 of the 20 realtors in our list. Warm, sunny coastal backgrounds are a key ingredient for accelerated audience growth.

While not everyone can feature on national TV or sell in a sunny, coastal area, there are plenty of strategies that you can implement today.

If this list does not give you enough ideas, check out 43 Social Media Post Ideas for Realtors to see more ways you can maximise engagement on social media.