43 Social Media Post Ideas Real Estate Agents Can Use To Generate Buyer and Seller Leads!

Written by Jon Holstead

As a realtor, if you don’t have an online presence, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Facebook and Instagram are the best platforms for generating tons of leads.

With both platforms you want to shoot for 4-5 posts high quality posts per week that get a lot of engagement. You need to do this consistently to stay on the mind of potential clients. 

Designate a team member to manage your social media accounts. Give them time during their working hours to prepare posts regularly. Have them create a backlog of high-quality posts that you can use even when they are out of the office. 

Here are 43 social media post ideas for realtors to build an audience, increase engagement, and collect client leads. 

Don’t forget to always include a specific call to action like “Call or text me today if you’re thinking about buying or selling a home soon!” and have your contact information prominently displayed.

  1. Photos of your best property listings

The most obvious ideas shouldn’t be overlooked. Post photos of properties you have listed for sale to get exposure to more buyers. Don’t post any boring properties. “Instagram worthy” ones only.

Realtor house photos 

  1. Video tours of your best listings

Give potential buyers a better feel for the spaces you have available.

Video Tour Realtors


  1. Behind the scenes videos

Show some authentic personality by posting short videos of your staff being asked unexpected, informal questions at the office or while out at viewings.

Behind the scenes real estate agents


  1. Schedule a live question and answer session

Give your audience a chance to ask specific questions relevant to them without having to pick up the phone.

Live Q and A Realtor

  1. Photos of pets

Post photos of pets at your listed properties so that the viewer subconsciously thinks the properties would make great family homes. You can also post photos of dogs at your office to show a non-threatening, relaxed atmosphere. 

Pets at real estate listings


  1. Recommend businesses you work with regularly

If you work with a business whose service you love, share the story of how you started working with them and any time they went the extra mile for you. They might share your post, putting you in front of their audience.

Business partners real estate agents

  1. Recommend events happening in your area

Give clients travelling a long way in for some viewings more than one reason to make the trip by recommending some events to check out before they head home.

Real estate agent event

  1. A Day in the Life

Post photos or a video of all the interesting things someone could do if they lived in one of your properties. It could be bowling and a bar for a townhouse, or ranch horse riding and scenic hiking for a country home.

A day in the life of a realtor

  1. Photos of clients inspecting your properties

Photos of clients viewing your properties show that you have plenty of business and are not desperate. Clients do not like feeling pressured to buy so show people happy and relaxed at viewings. Bonus: post a photo of lots of clients all at an open house to imply scarcity and buyer-competition.

Real estate inspector


  1. Staff ideas on how to improve

Rotate your staff writing a post with their ideas on how your business can make improvements. This can be in any area of operations. It shows that you’re a progressive company that embraces new ideas.

Real estate agents

  1. Staff personal photos

Let’s be honest. Most people go on social media to see into others’ personal lives. Have your staff occasionally post photos showing what they get up to in their personal lives.

Real estate staff


  1. Congratulate your staff on big achievements

Publicly congratulate your staff when they make hit their target, or go above and beyond, to show that you’re a family rather than a cold machine.

real estate awards


  1. Testimonials/reviews from satisfied clients

Lots of social proof is the best indicator of trustworthiness for new customers. Make sure to ask every client to give you a testimonial. Make it part of your process. Even give an incentive if a client says they don’t have time. Have clients post the review on your page themselves to prove it is not fabricated.

Real estate agent testimonials


  1. Photos of staff working in the office

No one likes feeling like they are wasting someone else’s time. Let people know they can come in for a chat even if they are just thinking about buying or selling. Post photos of your office where staff are relaxed while speaking to clients.

real estate team at work


  1. Congratulate a recent client

When a client buys or sells with you, tell the world. Add the success story to the record. Share their name, a photo of them smiling next to their house, why they wanted to move, why selling their home or finding their perfect home was difficult, and how you overcame this difficulty for them.

Real estate agent congratulations


  1. Introduce your team

Show the faces behind the brand by introducing individual team members.

Real estate teams


  1. Ask your audience for recommendations

Ask for recommendations for local contractors. You will increase engagement while also getting some good contractor introductions.

Recommendations for real estate agents

  1. Tips and tricks for staging you home for sales photos

Share ideas and advice on how to make any house look better in photos without spending any money. It’s in the client’s interest as well as yours for the house to look as good as possible in the sales photos.

Real estate agent staging tips


  1. Interior design ideas for buyers of new homes

Get buyers excited about how they can furnish their new home.

Interior design ideas for realtors


  1. DIY tips

Post tips on how to add value to your home by renovating without spending any money on labor.

DIY real estate tips


  1. Photos of your coffee and snacks station

A genuinely great selection of snacks and drinks is just another reason for potential clients to come in.

Real estate agent work station

  1. Infographics about your company and the industry

Create real estate infographics relevant to your area. You could create one showing the number of houses sold through your company compared to the industry average. You could create one showing how satisfied your clients are compared to with your competitors, leveraging external rating systems like Trustpilot.

real estate infographics


  1. Interesting news articles related to real estate

You will read news articles about real estate all the time. Whenever you see something particularly interesting, note down the link to share it later.

Interesting news articles about real estate


  1. Helpful online tools

Share some online tools that are helpful for your clients, like a mortgage calculator or comparison service.

Helpful real estate tools

  1. Fun real estate information

Post fun real estate facts, like how to buy an acre of land on the moon and how much it costs.

Fun real estate info


  1. Real estate quotes

Quotes are inspiring and plentiful. There are plenty of quotes lists that you can utilize, like this one.

Here’s a quote to get you started:

“Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Real estate quotes


  1. Real estate book recommendations

Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Book on Rental Property Investing are a good start for people to get into buying real estate as an investment. People usually only buy one home at any one time. If more clients come to you to buy properties as investments, your sales will increase significantly.

Real estate book recommendations


  1. Collect emails by sharing free resources

Create some useful resources, like E-books on how to buy and sell a home. Make them available on your website and link to them in posts. Allow people access to them for free in exchange for their email address. This will build a list of warm leads which you can market your services to.

Free real estate resources


Looking for more Facebook & Instagram post ideas that generate tons of leads? Click here.

  1. Non-offensive memes

Lots of people like memes. You can increase engagement by sharing good memes. Everyone’s sense of humor is different and not everyone will laugh at something you find funny. Take votes in the office on which memes are the best.

real estate memes

  1. Relevant polls

People love giving their opinion. Use post polls to increase engagement. You could have your audience vote for their favorite restaurant in a particular area.

Real estate polls


  1. Answer common questions

Clients ask you questions all the time. Note down the question every time a client asks you something. If the same question pops up enough times, the chances are other people are thinking the same question, so post the answer to it publicly.

Realtors answering questions

  1.  Ways to reduce water, electricity, and other utility bills

Help reduce people’s household bills and help the environment but giving tips to reduce their utility bills.

Ways to reduce debt tips


  1. Home of the Week

Share the best photo from all your properties each week. If it’s particularly nice, it should get some shares.

Realtor home of the week


  1. Giveaways

Everyone loves free stuff. Partner with a local business to provide you with free stuff in exchange for recommending them on social media. The better the prize, the more engagement you will get. You can make your audience like and share your social media accounts by setting up a competition using Gleam. [https://gleam.io/]

Real estate giveaways

  1. Tips on how to qualify for a better mortgage

Provide basic information for those with no knowledge on the subject, like larger down payments and higher credit scores. People might comment, asking about their specific situation, increasing engagement. Just make sure to answer the questions or they won’t ask questions in the future.

Real estate mortgage tips


  1. Job vacancies

When you’re expanding your team, advertise to your audience. They are your fans so some might jump at the chance to work with you if they happen to be looking for work.

Real estate job openings


  1. Celebrity real estate gossip

Everyone loves seeing the amazing houses that their favorite celebrities are moving, dreaming of owning a house like that themselves someday.

Real estate gossip


  1. Expert advice

You are an expert in your industry. Share your knowledge. You could post which areas you think are good to buy in at the moment.

Real estate expert advice

  1. Host free public events

Host a genuinely interesting public event, like a workshop on interior decorating, and use it as an opportunity to take photos with the attendees. Encourage everyone to post their photos from the event on your social media pages, maybe for a chance to win a prize at the end of the event.

Public events realtors

  1. Holiday messages

Don’t let the holidays slow down your business. Many people need to move during the holidays. While everyone else is shut, take advantage of the opportunity to corner the market and accept all that business. Make it know that you are still open and showing houses.

Holiday messages from real estate agents

  1.  Have a company retreat

As if you need an excuse for a weekend, organize a company retreat and use the opportunity to create a ton of content on your staff. Take plenty of photos and videos to post of your team having fun.

real estate company retreat


  1. Details of open houses

Get more people to your open houses by advertising them on your socials. Keep the details short and sweet: the address, date, time, which staff member will be there, and some photos.

Real estate agent open house examples

  1. Company milestones

If you hit a milestone, like being the Xth fastest growing real estate company in your area or being featured in major publications, spread the word.

top selling real estate agencies

Remember to always put a link to your website in posts for easy access.

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